Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

At Vibrance Family Chiropractic, located in East Nashville & Madison/Rivergate, we're a results driven practice. Our goal is to help you get out of pain, restore function to your entire body, and improve your quality of life. Whether you suffer from headaches, migraines, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, wrist pain, or more, we're here to help you. 

Our chiropractors perform high-quality, personalized care to help you achieve the results you're seeking. To get an idea of the successes we've seen, take a look below. You'll see several testimonials from a handful of our long-term Nashville patients. We want you to experience these same kinds of results.

To see how we can help with your needs and meet with our chiropractor one-on-one, schedule a Free Consultation Give us a call at our main line 615-915-1255 and we'll be happy to set that up for you.

nashville chiropractor testimonial
After a year long hiatus from chiropractic care, I found Vibrance. I have dealt with neck and back pain since high school and the care I receive at Vibrance has vastly improved my quality of life.

Since starting care at Vibrance, I am sleeping better than ever. At the end of a long work day, I have much more energy to enjoy my personal life. My range of motion has increased and I have less headaches. Overall, I am a much happier person under the care of Vibrance!

I love that the staff and facilities make each visit more enjoyable than the last. I’m always welcomed with a smile and leave feeling like a million dollars. I have told anyone that will listen how much Vibrance has improved my quality of life. Everyone should make the investment in their health like I have as a patient at Vibrance.

Elizabeth P.
"Since starting care with Vibrance, I’ve noticed that my lower back pain has become much more controlled and less severe. I’ve also experienced better overall health and wellness with my entire body. My body functions and feels much better."
Linda C.
chiropractic care
“I came to Vibrance because my job requires me to be on my feet for several hours at a time. By the end of the day, my back and shoulders would ache and I would also have frequent headaches. I also live a very active lifestyle, which is physically demanding on my body. Since coming to Vibrance, I no longer have headaches or suffer from chronic back and shoulder pain.

I love the friendly staff and Dr. Clarke is always informative when I have new issues arise. He informs me as to what the root cause is on any new pains I may have. Yes I would recommend Vibrance. I have actually recommended my sister in-law and other family members.”

Katie M.
“I struggled with sciatica nerve pain for several years and it was limiting me from living the fullest life.  I found Vibrance through a very good friend and have been committed since!  I have seen tremendous results; not only was the issue I presented addressed promptly, but so many other areas of my body have a greater range of movement.  Even more than the physical healing, I have experienced emotional and mental benefits as well!”
Elizabeth B.
"I’ve been going to Vibrance once a week and sometimes more for almost 3 years now, and the mobility in my neck, shoulders, and arms is much better than it was before I started.  And my everyday pain is a lot less.  I love that Vibrance is so convenient and they work with my work schedule.  I also love that I get results!"
Tom S.
chiropractic patient of the month
“I originally came to Vibrance through a Groupon. I wanted to try the practice because it was close to my house and very convenient. I believe it’s very important to have maintenance chiropractic care. Since starting care at Vibrance, I feel I’m able to move, walk, etc. much easier without pain. I have a desk job and I know my back and shoulders always need adjusted in order to avoid pain in those areas.

What I love about Vibrance is the expertise of Dr. Clarke and the friendly staff, especially Stephanie at the front desk. I would recommend Vibrance to anyone. Two of my coworkers are now regular patients as well as my son.”

Mary Ellen L.
“Since starting on a corrective plan at Vibrance and learning exercises to do at home,the pain has significantly subsided. I no longer find myself needing to take Aleve halfway through the work day, and I can go for a jog without feeling 20 years older than my ageI always recommend this office to friends whose pain interrupts their lives; I was able to get my life back, and I think everybody should be able to say the same.”
Abi M.
“One thing I really liked about Vibrance, was their inviting atmosphere and personal attention to you and your goals.  I found my experience to be very rewarding and felt the need to continue my care to keep my life as pain free as possible.  I would recommend Vibrance to anyone who is in pain and looking to fix the issue at its source.”
Ryan C.
"I came to the chiropractor for chronic upper and lower back pain, as well as a developing sciatic nerve pain in my leg.  In addition, I had a general sense that my back was limiting my quality of life, so I had to do something!  Since coming to Vibrance, I feel that my back is much healthier, more flexible, and stronger.  The care definitely improved my quality of life.  My sciatic nerve pain is improved to almost complete absence.  One thing I love about Vibrance is the professional and friendly staff.  They are fantastic!  I would recommend Vibrance to everyone, and I do."
Eric B.
“What brought me to Vibrance was sciatic nerve pain down both the right and left sides of my body as well as limited flexibility.  Since coming to Vibrance, I no longer have standing sciatic nerve pain! I can even go on 7hr car rides without experiencing any pain. When I came to Vibrance, I was unaware about the issues in my neck, which I was able to see through x-rays. Vibrance has since been working on my neck in addition to my lower back, and now the proper c-curve in my neck has started to come back! In general, my body feels more balanced and I have more energy and less pain!

What I love about Vibrance is they care about your whole body and have addressed all of my medical complaints, even as new ones arise.  I believe that every person, especially those with desk jobs or who look down at a lab bench all day can benefit from regular chiropractic adjustments!

Kate B.