How your phone might be killing you! (Scroll below to listen to the Podcast)

How your phone might be killing you! (Scroll below to listen to the Podcast)

Main Points Covered:

  • What are EMFs and why are they a problem?
  • How EMFs are affecting your body on a cellular level
  • What is your cell phone manufacturer hiding from you?
  • Other sources of EMFs
  • How to check EMF exposure in your house and start taking action

With a title like this you must be asking yourself if this is real. The scary truth is, it is. Currently, there are over 5 billion active cell phones on earth. Cell phone use is a relatively new phenomenon, but humans have adopted it very quickly and become quite addicted.  Having the world at your fingertips is an amazing ability.  However, whether you are calling a friend, texting mom, posting pictures on social media, or simply carrying your phone on you, you are exposed to what are known as EMFs or electromagnetic fields, and this is a problem.  

What are EMFs and Why are they a Problem?

Again, EMFs are electromagnetic fields that come off of virtually everything electronic from cell phones to your wireless router to even baby monitors. Now, knowledge about EMFs is nothing new, they’ve been around for a while and do have different effects depending on the level and exposure time.  The concern with cell phones is that we have a high and frequent exposure to EMFs since a majority of us use our phones every day. We are on cell phones for an average of 3 hours a day. Plus, we usually have our phones somewhere on or next to our bodies 90% of our woken day.

EMFs are Affecting your Body on a Cellular Level

The reason this frequent exposure to EMFs is a problem and can be very unhealthy for our bodies, is because we are now realizing these frequencies are tied to cellular degradation.  And cellular degradation hurts our mitochondria, the powerhouse of our cells.  As our power plant, the mitochondria are pertinent to our cell function.  Most diseases can actually be linked to mitochondrial dysfunction. If we are changing how the mitochondria work, then we are changing our bodies on a cellular level.  Such changes can cause cancer, headaches, loss of energy, insomnia, and more.

Some of you may be thinking, what can we really do about this? We know that we aren’t going back to life without cell phones. Well, if we are going to live with electronic items such as cell phones, it is important to at least have a better understanding of them and practice safe measures for handling them. First and foremost, we can decrease the exposure of cell phones dramatically by being mindful of where we are placing these devices.  You should never keep your cell phone in any kind of pocket whether it’s a pants or shirt pocket. Men in particular should be careful about keeping their phones in their pockets because the most common cancer in men is prostate cancer. One in three men will get prostate cancer, and constant exposure from a cell phone in your pocket can increase that risk.  The same applies to women. They should not keep their cell phones near any kind of pocket or breast pocket especially, since breast cancer is so prevalent. Plus, when you’re not using your phone, especially at night, we recommend changing the mode to airplane mode. That will reduce the EMF exposure significantly.



What is Your Cell Phone Manufacturer Hiding from You?

The most alarming concern is sitting in your cell phone’s legal files. These are files that limit the liability of the manufacturer. If you go to these files, you will see they recommend never having your phone against your body or holding it. They usually state to keep your phone at least 8-10 inches away, and they even state that you should not put your phone up to your face. They suggest using headphones for calls. Putting your phone up to your ear (against your brain) is the worst during a call. A phone call is when your phone is emitting the most EMFs. Headphones while on calls would lower this exposure. 

Other Sources of EMFs

Most of us who have cell phones typically also have internet routers in our house, so we can use wifi. Internet routers are another major culprit of EMFs and for good reason. Imagine if the safe level was at 10 and your router is rated a 1. This seems pretty safe and doesn’t alarm you. If you add in other routers, cell phones, microwaves, new wifi-enabled power meters, and other sources, this becomes a problem. Whenever you look for wifi signals we all see numerous routers. We are bombarded by 10 routers or more consistently. If you add all of these different devices together, it is no longer a low level. A good example is in an apartment building. You have a large amount of people living in a smaller space with numerous routers throughout the building. Yikes! Our tips for minimizing exposure from routers would be to at least place your own router in a spot that is away from your common area and not near your bed. Some routers can even be programmed to automatically turn off at night to reduce exposure, which would be ideal as well.

There are many other sources in your home or work that need to be addressed as well. Microwaves, for example, have an enormous amount of EMFs when in use. If we were to take an EMF meter while running the microwave, you would see it go off the charts. How many of you use microwaves everyday? Probably most. Great alternatives to microwaves would be convection ovens and steam ovens. They may not be quite as fast, but their cook times aren’t much longer, plus your food typically tastes better when you use them!  

Check EMF Exposure in Your Household and Start Taking Action!

With all of these things in mind, it’s important to look at the big picture when it comes to EMFs. We are talking about preventing medical issues. Prevention is the best medicine and most any doctor would agree. It is much easier to prevent disease than to treat it head-on. To help you see what kind of daily exposure to EMFs you’re receiving, we recommend purchasing an EMF meter. These are relatively inexpensive on Ebay or Amazon. A meter will help you find trouble locations in your home and give you insight into the amount of exposure you receive daily.

The most important thing here is that we all take action and don’t sit idly by allowing this problem to manifest. Scientists and doctors have even begun comparing this issue to cigarettes. No one thought cigarettes would cause cancer and major health issues when they first debuted. We all know how that turned out. We want you to limit your EMF intake and be aware of what is attacking your body. With these small changes, we are confident you will feel better and be healthier!


We will be back on our next blog to increase your body’s longevity. Take care and take care of your body!