Holiday Headache Relief

Holiday Headache Relief

Is your holiday shopping, party planning, baking, cooking, and in general, running around giving you a headache? While the holidays are a delightful time to enjoy with family and friends, the days leading up to such festivities can often bring about unwanted stress. We don’t want anyone feeling like a grinch this holiday season! So, we’ve come up with some easy tips to help you melt away those stressful nagging headaches.

But first, we want you to be aware that there are several different kinds of headaches. The most common type, tension headaches, can often be caused by stress. So if your holiday stress is giving you a headache, it’s most likely a tension headache. They typically feel like tight pressure around your forehead, side of your head, or back of your head. You may also have tender neck and shoulder muscles.

Other more extreme types of headaches include migraines and cluster headaches. Migraines can cause an intense pain in one area of the head and often are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound. Cluster headaches are the least common, but often the most painful. They recur over a certain period of time, and individuals can experience a few each day during the cluster period (which varies for each person). They typically cause a very intense sharp pain usually around one eye on one side of your head.

We’re going to mainly focus on tension headaches, since that’s the most common type and probably what you’re experiencing from your holiday stress!  Below we’ve provided you with our Top 5 Natural Tips for relieving these types of headaches. We hope they can provide you some much needed relief!

Top 5 Natural Tips for Holiday Headache Relief

1) Chiropractic Adjustments.

Chiropractic care is an amazing natural solution to treating headaches. Headaches can often result from built up tension in the neck. When you’re very stressed, a lot of that stress builds up in your neck and shoulder area, which can place pressure on the surrounding bones, causing misalignments to occur. Chiropractic adjustments work to remove those misalignments and relieve that built up tension, which in turn helps relieve headaches. Chiropractic adjustments actually are great for both tension headaches and migraines as well.  

2) Hydrate.

With all of the holiday craziness, it can be easy to forget to drink water and rehydrate yourself. Sometimes all you need to get rid of your headache is a little H2O. We suggest having a water bottle on hand or within easy access so that you’re more likely to remember to stay hydrated.

3) Peppermint Oil.

Peppermint oil can provide great relief for tension headaches. Plus, it’s very festive and appropriate for the holiday season! To use, you can simply apply the essential oil to your temples or around your hairline to provide a cooling relief that relaxes the muscles in your head.

4) Massage.

If you have time to receive a massage either from a friend or professional, then we highly suggest it, and if not, then we recommend giving yourself a massage.  Massage releases muscle tension and helps relax the body. With headaches, it would be especially beneficial to massage your neck, shoulders, temples, and back of the head for relief.

5) Warm Bath with Lavender Oil.

Who doesn’t love an excuse to take a nice warm relaxing bath? Well, headaches are definitely a worthy cause for baths. The warm water will help relax your muscles, while lavender oil helps soothe the headache.

Don’t let headaches and stress get in the way of your enjoyment this holiday season! And as always, if you ever have any questions about headaches, don’t hesitate to ask! Call us at 615-915-1255.  

Have a safe and wonderful holiday!! 🙂