Give Your Heart Some Love

Give Your Heart Some Love

Heart disease is our Nation’s #1 Killer and costs Americans billions of dollars each year. A number of factors contribute to this deadly disease ranging from family history and genetics to lifestyle choices such as stress, poor nutrition, excessive weight, smoking, and lack of physical activity.

In honor of February being American Heart Month, we are providing some essential tips for boosting heart health and improving your overall well-being. We encourage you to take a proactive approach and give your heart some love by incorporating these tips into your life. You’ll without a doubt feel absolutely amazing. Do your heart some good; you deserve it.


Maintain Regular Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care may be very beneficial in our fight against heart disease. Studies conducted have shown that specific adjustments administered to the Atlas vertebra can significantly lower high blood pressure.

Other studies show that specific adjustments of the bones in your neck and lower back can stimulate particular nervous system reflexes, causing a decrease in overall heart rate and blood pressure.

Also, chiropractic care has been known to reduce stress in your body, which significantly helps promote heart health.

While chiropractic care is incredibly beneficial, these results do not just stem from receiving one adjustment. Maintaining regular chiropractic care is absolutely key to seeing long-term results with your health.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Did you know a diet high in added sugar can raise your risk of dying from heart disease even if you aren’t overweight? Too much processed sugar is detrimental to your health and many Americans consume mass amounts far over the recommended limit every year.

Our largest sources of added sugar are acquired from sweetened beverages such as sodas, energy drinks, and sports drinks. The next biggest sources include baked goods such as cookies and cakes, ice cream, candy and even some cereals.

Studies have shown that sugar-laden foods can raise your blood pressure and also cause your liver to deposit more harmful fats into your bloodstream, both of which increase your risk of heart disease.

What’s the recommendation for cutting back? The American Heart Association recommends women consume less than 6 tsp. of sugar in a day and that men consume less than 9 tsp. per day. We recommend eliminating added sugars whenever you can. If you have massive sugar cravings, try substituting natural fruit to curb the craving. Your body and heart will love you so much more!

De-Stress Your Life

 Easier than it sounds right? We completely understand the various avenues stress can stem from and how challenging it can be to keep those stresses under control. However, stress is one of the biggest factors contributing to your heart health, so it’s vital that you incorporate certain actions every day to keep your stress levels in check. Provided below are a couple of easy activities we suggest to maintain minimal stress.

Get outside. Everyday. Even if you can only get outside for a short amount of time, it’s better than none. Take a walk in a nearby park or simply sit outside during your lunch break and focus on breathing deeply and connecting with nature. It will reduce your stress hormones and help lower your blood pressure.

Connect with your loved ones and friends. When you’re able to share your feelings and connect with the ones who bring you joy and happiness, it helps you work through many stresses you may be experiencing.

Treat yourself to a massage every now and then. Massages help release the muscle tension in your body and break down unwanted toxins, while also relaxing and calming your mind. Massages are simply an amazing way to escape from your daily stresses and give your body and mind time to unwind without any distractions. We highly recommend treating yourself to a massage at least once a month.

Share this information with your loved ones! Regular chiropractic care combined with proper nutrition and positive lifestyle changes may just prove to be the most powerful ally in your fight against heart disease!


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