Free Your Body from Stress

Free Your Body from Stress

Stress…unfortunately just about everyone experiences it in some way or another, and it’s literally killing us. Did you know that 3 out of 4 visits to the doctor are from stress-related illnesses? And that stress is a basic cause of 60% of illnesses and diseases? That’s pretty alarming. Not to mention, stress significantly increases your chance of heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

Nothing good can come from chronic stress. Period. And we need to do something about it. Obviously there are certain things life just throws your way that are out of your control and can add significant stress to your life. But, often times there are daily habits and routines you can work into your life to help you at least minimize stress.

Below are a few of our recommendations to help you free your body and mind from unwanted stress. If you already do some of these, great, if not, we definitely suggest giving them a try or finding what works best for you. Living a stressful life is simply not worth it, and we want to help you improve your quality of life.


A regular yoga practice can significantly help you reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga combines physical poses, focused breathing, and meditation, which makes for a powerful mind-body connection. This combination can help you strengthen and stretch your body, quiet your mind and help you focus on the present moment instead of worrying about the future. It’s been an effective tool for many to help refocus the mind and gain better control of stress.

If you’re looking to try a relaxing yoga class, we offer a free class at Vibrance every Wednesday from 6pm – 6:45pm. It’s very basic and a wonderful way to unwind after a stressful day at work. Come try it out sometime!

Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic care can help your body have a healthier response to stress. Constant stress wears down the body tremendously. When we’re stressed, it causes our bodies to tense up, especially in areas such as your neck, shoulders, back, or even in the form of headaches or stomach aches. Long term tension from stress can have a negative impact on your overall mood and energy as well.

Chiropractic helps relieve that physical build up of tension to allow your body to better recover from stress and respond healthier to future stress. Often times, many individuals find that chiropractic adjustments provide a great sense of relief instantly following the adjustment. If you’re someone who is consistently under a significant amount of stress, we suggest you stay on a regular chiropractic plan. The regular adjustments will help your body stay healthier, which in turn will help your mind be healthier.

Consistent Exercise

As you’re all hopefully aware, exercise helps your body stay physically fit and helps fight disease. When you exercise, you release endorphins. Those endorphins are chemicals from the brain that actually act as natural pain killers and give you a euphoric feeling, which can lessen the negative effects of stress. When you exercise regularly, you may start to see that your sleeping has improved, you’re in a better mood, and you have more energy. Since stress can worsen your sleeping habits and energy levels, it’s vital to stay active to prevent stress from wearing you down completely.

Hot Baths w/Essential Oil

Hot baths with epsom salt and relaxing essential oils such as lavender oil, are amazing for helping your body and mind be at peace. Water can have a very calming effect on the mind and helps soothe any tension in your body and muscles.

We’re here to help you manage your stress. If you have further questions about managing stress, feel free to give us a call at 615-915-1255. 


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